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Knowledge of the Boiling Point of Sodium Nitrate

The boiling point of sodium nitrate is the temperature at which the saturated vapor pressure of the product is equal to the external pressure. Therefore, the more knowledge we know about the product, the more we will know the product and the more simple it will be.

Let's learn the boiling point knowledge of this product together: When sodium nitrate is boiled, the saturated vapor pressure in the bubbles formed inside must be equal to the pressure applied by the outside and the bubbles may grow and rise. Therefore, The boiling point is the temperature at which the saturated vapor pressure of the product is equal to the external pressure. And the boiling point of the product is related to the external pressure. When the pressure applied to the product increases, its boiling point increases. When the pressure decreases,  the boiling point decreases.

For example, The steam pressure in a steam boiler is about several tens of atmospheres, and the boiling point of water in the boiler can be above 200 °C. At the same atmospheric pressure, sodium nitrate has different boiling points. This is because the saturated vapor pressure is related to the type of liquid. At a certain temperature, the saturated vapor pressure of the product is also constant.

For example, The saturated gas pressure of diethyl ether at 20 ° C is 5865.2 Pa (44 cm Hg) below atmospheric pressure. If the temperature is slightly increased and the saturated vapor pressure of diethyl ether is equal to the atmospheric pressure,  the ether can be boiled by heating to 35 ° C. If the sodium nitrate contains impurities, it also affects the boiling point. Sodium nitrate contains a solute which has a higher boiling point than a pure liquid. This is because the gravitational force between the molecules of the product increases after the presence of the solute. The liquid is not easily vaporized and the saturated vapor pressure is also small. In order to make the saturated vapor pressure the same as the atmospheric pressure, it is necessary to increase the boiling point. We must keep this knowledge in mind, and also pay special attention to the boiling point of the product during preparation and use.
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